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Project Shiksha Prabha

A new project of Jugnu – Let’s make everyone shine to enable children get free educational resources online and learn from home. Our Youtube Channel is live with video lectcures and other features are coming soon

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Stay at Home Stay Safe

During this difficult time of COVID-19

We appreciate every student to learn online, we are also launching online learning management system for students

Welcome to Jugnu - Let's make everyone shine

Jugnu let’s make everyone shine is a registered NGO under society registration act in India working for child rights and child education. It was set up in 2014 and is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. There are an estimated 471.9 million children in India. We work for their rights and education such as for admission in school, quality education, support against child abuse and many more at a national, state and societal level. It provides education to the slum, financially weak and underprivileged children. We work in collaboration with many other NGO’s working on the same cause to support them as well.

Our Focus Areas

Child Education

Jugnu has been working for child education since 2014 and ensuring quality and compulsary education among students

Child Development

Child development is another focus area of Jugnu in which we are trying to develop self confidence and personality of students


We are also sincere about our environment and we keep organise plantation drive in different areas to reduce the pollution level.

Our Recent Causes

Our Process


This is the first step for initiating any project or program in which we survey an area and collect demography of the area

Data to Information

We analyse data to extract useful information as our second step that will be used to implement project on ground

Project Implementation

This is the last step in which we implement our project on ground with the help of the information gathered in first and second step

Child Development Center

Child Education

Child Education is the very basic need of this society and we are making this accomplished in our Child Development Center

Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions enhances self confidence of students and develop their personality and many ways

Kalam Library

A small Library for students that enables them to study at the center itself using plenty of books available.

Games and Activities

Games keep them fit and fresh. They are also useful in our daily lives beside education. 

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