Who is influencing society development more: Donors or Social Workers?

Development of society is a task that requires efforts made by us people, whether they’d be active or passive, direct or indirect. Active efforts encompass all the activities done by the social workers who go out onto the field to work for the upliftment and development of the society while the passive efforts involve doing charity and giving funds to the NGOs and other institutions that work for the society, that is, the act of donating to these causes. Now the question arises as to which of the two modes of participation brings greater good for the society i.e. contributes more towards its development? The answer, unsurprisingly, is a subjective one.

Social Workers: Whether there be an epidemic, or in the wake of a natural disaster, or whether it be just helping those in needs, the NGOs along with the social workers, become our heroes that we need but do not deserve. In case of a natural disaster, they arrange for shelter, food and clothing, and provide them to the lower strata of society whom we usually find on streets or the rural areas, providing comfort to those in need of it, those who had lost their home and the loved ones, and those who have nowhere to go. In case of epidemics, they arrange for doctors, set up camps, and educate other people about the symptoms, prevention and cure for the spreading disease, while nursing those who had come down from it and usually those who do not have enough money for the treatment of that ailing. They go to the slums and the suburbs to set up small schools to provide children the education that their parents could not afford, with the a part of those social workers volunteering as teachers, thus ensuring at least a matriculate level education to those children. They help setting up old age homes for the senior citizens of our society that had been abandoned by their families nursing them and ensuring them good life. Ensuring justice to the women and children that were victims to heinous and immoral criminal activities, by the social workers who are themselves law graduates, and gathering public support for them also falls under the field of social work. They set up, and maintain orphanages for kids who don’t have a family, and provide them with basic necessities of life such as food, cloth, shelter and education.

Donors: We might sing volumes of all the praises we can for the social workers and the plethora and tons of things they do for the benefit of the society, but the grim truth still remains that to be able to do all of that, these organizations and people need funds from charity, and this is all received from the benevolent donors of the society. Donors; are the people who donate funds to the NGOs and the other organizations, or just the poor in need of it, for the good of the society. Yes, they are generally not given as much respect as the social workers, in the society, when it comes to benefiting the poor section of the society, which is in a way understandable, because at first look, the act of just contributing a few bucks doesn’t even begin to compare with the hours of energy and hard work put in by the social workers. As such, we just tend to undermine and underrate the importance of act of donation in the first place. Because, let me ask you this one important question: How would you expect these organizations to work, at all, if they had no funds to back their activities up, such as setting up those orphanages, or the old age homes, or those health awareness/ relief camps, to assist those in need?? And mind you, the basic mentality, of any of us people, towards charity would be that, “Why is there a need to just give away our hard earned money without getting anything in return” I am not going to comment on whether it is right or not, but the bottom line is that in my opinion, it takes a great a big heart to contribute your hard earned money to these causes with the knowledge of the fact that you won’t get anything in return, as such, all of us should be grateful to these unsung heroes of our societies that work in the shadows to serve the light.

Thus, if we were to return to our original questions as to who is influencing the development of the society more: the social workers, or the donors? My answer, sorry to disappoint you all if you were expecting a clear cut one, is unsurprisingly a diplomatic one. In my opinion, social workers and the donors are the two faces of the same coin, the yin and the yang that the society needs, in balance, for its development.  Without the availability of motivated social workers, there is no meaning to the donations and without donations, the public welfare organizations that serve as a guild to these social workers, won’t be able to procure the various resources that they need to provide to those in need. As such, the development of the society is only possible if these two factors operate in harmony, cooperation and collaboration to each other.       

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